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Notes About Your Visit

  • First visits should arrive 10 minutes prior to treatment to allow time for an initial health assessment.

  • It is preferable that the area receiving treatment is undressed however, you should undress to your level of comfort.  A sheet (and blanket if requested) will drape you at all times with only the area being worked on exposed.

  • Breathing slowly and deeply during your massage is important.  This allows the most oxygen to reach your muscles and release tension more freely.

  • Always drink plenty of water after your massage to encourage the removal of waste products that therapy has released.

  • A 24-hour cancellation notice is required.

  • This is your time to relax and reap all the benefits that massage has to offer.  As a consideration to yourself and others, please turn off all devices during your session.

  • Certain health conditions are contraindicated for massage therapy.  Be sure to discuss any changes or concerns with me before your massage session.

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